Girls Information

Name: Kathy

Alias:Talented School Girl, Dancing Ballerina

Age: 20 Years Old

Nationality: Local

Race: Chinese

Spoken Language: English, Mandarin

Profession: Part time tuition teacher

Education Level: Reputable College School, University soon

Vital Stats: 32B+ 25 34

Height: 1.63 M

Profile: Kathy keeps herself in shape with fortnightly dance classes in school. She is a talented young school girl; I feel that she should get out of her family tragedy. Being as a professional escort agency, I will not say much about her tragedy.

Her eyes carry the look of an innocent child trying to find her way out in this harsh world. Usually she would bun up her hair, like a dancing ballerina, you can see her pale luminescent skin. She loves to wear miniskirts and on occasion allowing her skirt to ride up her leg and you will see a pair of slender smooth leg up her little ass. Looking shy and reserved at first, she holes herself in a provocative way but to my surprise she heats up fast. All she needs is a little rubbing here or there and a passionate kiss and she gets super horny. She has pinkish natural tinted lips; slowly you picture her with her soft dark hair, goes down and kneeling down, trying to take your hardness all the way into her mouth. She loves to move her body along with the motions of her lust. Her hand drifting down between smooth dancing legs and, like any other innocent girls, enjoy moving her finger round her wet juicy pinky clitoris. You will wish to give her sharp pain of something penetrating her which she will enjoy once the action begins.

Looks: Soft dark hair, when she let go it just flows down her waist. Big round eyes with pale luminescent skin. Toned body and legs of a ballerina and goes down well with high heeled sandals bejeweling her soft feet.

Character: Speak intelligently but on the other hand, stills hold the fragile heart of any young lady, angelic face and voice of a child

Name: Jane

Alias: Cute Virginal Kitten, Very Sophisticated

Age: 19 Years Old

Nationality: Local

Race: Chinese

Spoken Language: English, Mandarin

Profession: Part Time Waitress over weekend

Education Level: Reputable College School, University Soon

Vital Stats: 32A+ 24 33

Height: 1.61 M

Profile: Jane was uncovered when she emailed me. One of her past profession was model and she definitely has what it takes to grace the cover of any men’s magazine

My guess of her having graced one of the cover shots of a magazine is her cute innocent look and young adult body she possesses, a body just developing the curves of a nubile lady.

Jane is the cutest among all. She is unique because of her short sexy hair style goes along with her almond-shaped face and large round sparkling eyes. With one look at her, any man will imagine being with a virgin.

I ask her to sit down on the soft sofa while she slowly leans on it, I can see Jane has nice rounded boobs but is slightly smaller. Her perky nipple pointed straight into the sky behind her white bra as she lay on her back. Seems like she loves to wear white knickers and bra, she told me that’s the tiniest, it sits on her skin and that makes her feel comfortable

You will see her crouched with her legs spread wide open while she masturbated. She knows best at how to stimulate herself to get herself aroused.

Flowing down the inside of her slender legs, you will smell Jane’s sweet juice. You wish you could take off her soaked knickers. Jane has very slender legs and she loves to have her kneeling on your thighs so that you can clasp your hands her around her ass. You will start to smell each other and feeling sweat on each other skin.

Looks: Brown short hair, small almond eye with big round eyes. Looks of a virgin and very petite. Body of a child with small perky breasts. Pleasant smile with a set of straight teeth. Smooth fair skin. Always on simple make up so her skin looks smooth and radiant.

Character: A quiet and soft-spoken young lady. She listens to more than she talks. She’s always on the learning path. You be surprised to learn more about her indoor school activities, most of them are Chinese cultural activities rather than a sports

Name: Abella

Alias: Peranakan Girl, Feels like your own girlfriend

Age: 24 Years Old

Nationality: Local

Race: Chinese (Mixed blood of peranakan)

Spoken Language: English, Mandarin

Profession: Marketing Executive

Education Level: Local University

Vital Stats: 34C 24 33

Height: 1.63 M

Profile: Abella is one of the few local girls with penarakan blood. She has a small almond-shaped face, sultry eyes with double eye lids. She has skin that carries a golden glow. She possesses exotic features coupled with a pleasant personality. Her whitish beautiful straight set of teeth give her an angelic smile, lots of people love to see her smile. Her blood line has given her a unique look and perfectly curvy body like Singapore’s celebrity, "Fiona Xie."

She gives nice massages, with a little tinge of warm oil, soothes down body with delicates hand. She is naughty at times, loves to tease and play with ears and enjoys rubbing her body against yours and twisted together with a passionate kiss so irresistible.

Because of her amiable character, she draws the curiosity of people. I can only says she has a caring heart and very sincere. When you are with her, you will feel she brings you out of the fast moving pace of life in Singapore. You feel at ease with her and know more about nature and give you a sense of belonging.

Knows what she wants in life. A good planner and seek priority, gives good services and care to all living things.

Looks: Dark volume hair, small almond shaped face with big round eyes and double eye lids. Under the Next-Door-Girl category, she has the most perfect body, resembling Fiona Xie, petite and possesses exotic features. She has radiant Asian skin with a golden glow.

Character: Very caring, kind hearted sincere girl who knows what she wants in life, a good planner and gets her priority right. She has a unique character and makes people curious about her. Quality assured.

Name: Shanta

Alias: Kawaii

Age: 21 Years Old

Nationality: Local

Race: Chinese (Mixed blood of Japanese)

Spoken Language: English, Mandarin

Profession: Soon to be a young working adult

Education Level: Polytechnic

Vital Stats: 34C 24 33

Height: 1.65 M

Profile: In Asia and the entertainment world, Japanese girls are one of the cute babes. Shanta is one of the cutest girls, has the look of a Japanese girl so sweet and cute which any man can fantasize. Long shiny straight hair goes along with oriental beauty. Her big baby doll brown eye will blink when she smile.

You will know why guys keep coming back for her; she has something in her, beyond what words can describe. Alone with her will make your fantasy come true. Having a spontaneous character, she plays along to your liking. When she lowers herself to you, you will hear yourself moan with pleasure from her sensual touch. She has a very cheerful and light hearted personality, which makes you happy and relaxed at first glance. She has a very good posture with very perky firm round tits appropriate for her size.

Slowing down, you see her soft skin and slender porcelain-like leg with pinkish art-paint nails under those tight mini skirts. She loves to play along and seeks to fulfill your fantasies.

Looks: Soft straight hair with the latest highlighted hair colour and painted nails. With baby doll eyes, long eye lashes match well with her oriental hair. She carries herself well with a dancer’s grace. She has a well maintained set of teeth, and a nice dimple to go along with her saccharine smile. Sweet Kawaii girl that is unlike any other you see on the street.

Character: Cheerful and make you feel light hearted when you see her. She loves to smile because she is proud to be blessed with a Japanese (Kawaii) look.