Girls Information

Name: Jane

Alias: Temptress

Age: 22 Years Old

Nationality: Local

Race: Chinese

Spoken Language: English, Madarin

Profession: Part time Model

Education Level: University student

Height: 1.65 M

Vital Stats: 32B+ 22 34

Profile: Jane came into my room wearing a plain white satin blouse over her bare breasts, the slinky material exuding excitement…

One look at Jane and you will understand why you’re constantly lusting for her. She is a semi-amateur model who loves showing off her massive yet firm jugs. She is an Asian cutie pie with pointy little titties, and sultry looks. With her naughty attitude, she looks like she’s begging for you to unbutton her blouse and slowly climb on top of you licking you, making you moan with pleasure and slowly ride on top of you whole night long. Caress her perky light pink nipples and feel the wet warm juices make it smooth and tight for her to ride on your hardness. As you lick her all over while she giggle and slowly turn her cute ass cheek on you, you will see a nice tattoo up at the side of her waist accentuating her curves.

Looks: Real hot foxy sexy look

Character: Hot and Slutty, and loves to tease. She’s a real party animal.

Name: Oliver - New

Alias: Office Sweetie pie

Age: 23 Years Old

Nationality: Local

Race: Chinese

Spoken Language: English, Mandarin

Profession: Business Unit

Education Level: University student

Height: 1.65 M

Vital Stats: 34B 25 34

Profile: A simple, natural and kind hearted young lady who always put others before herself

She looks so natural and demure without much makeup. Her eyelashes are long and with just a layer of mascara will do the trick of making it twinkle. Her eyes talk and not everyone eye can talk.

With her smooth skin and simple conversation can take you out of the stressful world after a hard day of work. Simple, innocent conversation and look of a demure innocent young office lady.

You can’t wait to slip your hands down her short skirt from behind pulling up and hold her tight cutie round ass.

Slowly, down you see your finger slowly pull insert into her tight juicy ..while she give a small light moan. You just wish you could see the breasts popping out of the button shirt, the material stretched to its limits. It’s so damn sexy to be wishing that the whole thing will happen now...

Looks: Straight Dark Brown hair, Brown almond eye, bedroom looks with natural long eye lashes. She is like those office young sweetie pie you always see in office. Skirt, High heel, stocking and shirt babes which you always lust after

Character: Cutie pie and demure office look

Name: Ida - New

Alias: Soft Kitten

Age: 21 Years Old

Nationality: Local

Race: Chinese

Spoken Language: English, Mandarin

Profession: Secretary

Education Level: Reputable Collage School

Height: 1.62 M

Vital Stats: 34D 23 34

Profile: Ida works as a secretary in a SME Company. The first time I saw Ariel and what catches me is her big boobs. (D)

Ida was gifted with porcelain skin and D cup. The type of girl next door which every man wants to try because of her D cup. She was sitting down at the coffee house, all demure with eyes downcast. She has the local features which give you a blood rush of having a girl-friend feeling.

Her face flushes easily every time she looks at you with her mischievous eyes. Your will feel lost and do not know how to take care of this little thing yet you feel like taking care of her in some way.

Her face shows the glow soft freshness with subtle luscious moist lips just ready for a deep blow under the table. She is best at it while you moan hoping not to reach your climax so fast because you will give anything to get into her panties and wait for her to reach orgasm with you.

Looks: Long soft brown hair, sometimes she let it down and have a soft wavy curve; Soft porcelain skin normal almond shaped eye, with double eye lids.

Character: Demure, Soft spoken, obedient, very sincere.

Name: Jennifer

Age: 25 Years Old

Nationality: Local

Race: Chinese

Spoken Language: English, Madarin

Profession: Teacher in Collage School(Music Arts and Chinese Language)

Education Level: University

Height: 1.62 M

Vital Stats: 32B+ 23 33

Profile: It has always been enormous crush when boys see teachers in their sexy tight skirts showing her cute ass cheek while teaching and writing on her chalk board. She will bring back the feeling of long lost desire you always wanted.

She is a very stylish teacher with natural highlighted hair that flow down over her chest to just above her breast. Behind her big rimmed glasses, you see her big round, hazel eyes that goes along well with her round face, full lips (Blow you away) and a feminine chin. She always wear knee length tight skirts showing her shapely tight ass. She has a sweet and sexy expression when she smile she will look into your eyes while holding sensual conversation with you.

Her full lips are just the right kind for kissing and she is best at tongue wrestling. She has a nice pussy smell, on it with little bit of soft bush around her labia. She breathes heavily enjoying every moment with long lost memories. She’s good at sucking in your wild wet tongue so hard that it seems as though it is being pulled out.

You feel like kissing your way down her flat belly and slid her skirt up to reveal the crotch of her panties. She loves it best and will moan away when you push your face on her panties inhaling all her scents and taste her tenderness. You pleasure her all the way until she begs you to stop.

Looks: Dark hazel twinkle eyes behind her teaching glasses. She has natural highlighted hair down covering part of cute “B” cup breasts.

Character: She enjoys having her love hole pleasured by your swirling tongue and indulges in role-playing as a teacher.